Dear Dear Son In Law 女婿当家

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Romance

Jiang Wencai (Zhu Houren) seems to have it all, a stable career and a happy family, until his eldest daughter Jiang Yijuan (Priscelia Chan) unexpectedly announces her engagement to an assistant designer, Zhang Shunfa (Pierre Png). Distrustful of Shunfa and yet unable to express his objections, Wencai offers to rent a room to him so that he can chaperone the couple as he plots to break them up. But soon, Wencai realizes that his future son-in-law is not his only problem. His eldest son Junji (Zhang Yaodong) is being led into risky investments by his capricious mother-in-law; his second daughter Yijun (Jeanette Aw) whom he was proud of returned from abroad without completing her degree; his neglected teenager son and daughter also get into trouble behind his back. In turn, it was Shunfa who helps him resolve his family problems. Unable to take the many setbacks, Wencai collapses and falls sick. He then conceives a scheme with Shunfa to teach his children a lesson.

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