Destiny In Her Hands 断掌的女人

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Romance

Jin Yu is born, destined to live an extraordinary life. She is the eldest daughter of Luo Jin Hua and Li Xiu Zhi, with three younger brothers and one younger sister. She is born amidst a fire at home, and her mother has no choice but to give birth to her in a theater. Upon discovering Jin Yu has a pair of broken palms, and hearing that she is a misfortune born to them, she blames all their woes on Jin Yu. Jin Yu is not loved by her parents, and because of their poor family background, she is forced to quit school during her third year of secondary school, and to work at a factory for miniscule pay, and even made to give most of her pay to her mother. Jin Yu wishes deep in her heart to have a home of her own and a loved one to share it with. Wen Qi Bing is Jin Yu's childhood sweetheart and she dreams of building a happy family with him.

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