Destiny 梦在手里

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Romance

Destiny is a 25-episode romantic drama serial. The story revolves around the life encounters between the two lead female characters, Siqi and Cenfei. Siqi a strong-willed lady, who believes in determining her own fate; while Cenfei a pessimist, who believes that fate, has made a mockery out of her life, ends up with a miserable end. After witnessing the death of her parents, Siqi was adopted by her mother’s good friend. And she then grew up in a loving environment under her doting foster parents and her two foster brothers; however, she still carries the scar of her parents’ suicide. On the other hand, Siqi’s friend, Cenfei grew up in an abusive environment under her abusive and gambling-addict father. With the burden of supporting her family, she accepts her destiny and is consumed with the thought of giving her family a good life. 18 years have passed, Siqi graduated from University and becomes a newscaster; while Cenfei hopes to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry, however, things did not go according to her plans and her family living condition remains unchanged. Will the two of them able to control their own fate ? 姚思琦是个乐观自信,性格坚毅,坚信命运是掌握在自己手中的孤儿,年幼目睹父母生意失败仰药自杀,但在养父母范达维夫妇一家四口的关爱下幸福成长。范家育有二子,老大义宁敦厚正直,老二义杰活泼俊朗。岑菲家境贫寒,父亲好赌懒做,一家五口就靠她和母亲微薄的收入支撑,她性格善良温柔,但内心脆弱,宿命心态,从小体会贫穷就丧失尊严的痛苦,所以让家人脱离贫困的日子是她人生的第一目标。思琦、岑菲和义杰,是青梅竹马的玩伴,感情笃深;幼时曾学大人求签,义杰把签支混乱,不知那支属谁。其中有下签生不如死,岑菲对此耿耿于怀,思绮把另一张意谓苦尽甘来的签给了芩菲,她和义杰都不当一回事,根本不相信未来的命运就靠这签上所说;而出身贫寒的芩菲感受却不一样,苦尽甘来这四个字给了她一个美好的信念。思琦毕业后成为电视新闻记者,朝着自己的信念和目标前进;爱好歌唱的岑菲希望能在娱乐圈发展,但并不如想象中顺利,家境依然没有改善,妈妈也挨得一身病痛,她对未来感到沮丧,这时立得集团的老板沈从业对她展开猛烈的追求,虽然她早已心仪范家老大义宁,但选择嫁入豪门,家人从此过着富裕的生活,没想到她因此要付出生命的代价!

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