Do It Yourself

Audio: English
Genre: Home improvement, Lifestyle, Variety

Do It Yourself is a brand new show debuting on Channel 5. A marriage of a magazine infotainment variety show and a mockumentary sitcom, the show revolves around siblings Matthew and Amanda Chong, played by real life brother and sister Benjamin and Narelle Kheng. The Chong siblings are struggling to keep their business afloat when celebrity diva Michelle Leong, played by veteran actress Aileen Tan, gets them to furnish her apartment as cheaply as possible. Under the pretext of gaining additional celebrity clientele, Matthew and Amanda begrudgingly do so although in actual fact; Michelle just wishes to exploit the pair. Each episode of Do It Yourself will feature two DIY projects that the Chong siblings have to make for Michelle and a guest celebrity. With the help of our DIY experts, watch and learn together with Matthew and Amanda on how to make your own furniture and home décor. DIY promises to entertain and educate on how to furnish your home in a creative and inexpensive manner ! After all, there’s nothing better than to Do It Yourself !

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