Double Bonus 双星报喜

Yongjia BBQ Pork is a century old shop famed for its bak kwa. The owner of Yongjia, Jin Wentao (portrayed by Chen Shucheng) is not interested in running the business. So his wife, Shujiao (portrayed by Zhu Mi Mi) is the one who helms it. The profit margin for bak kwa is high, giving rise to the opening of numerous bak kwa shops. Although competition is stiff, Wentao insists on providing his customers good quality bak kwa at reasonable prices. Life is simple and routine for the Jins. The Jins' eldest son, Junjie (portrayed by Terence Cao), is a kind and easy-going person. He graduated from polytechnic and found a well-paying job. However, he quit his job to help out at Yongjia as he could not bear to see Shujiao work so hard. His wife, Meifeng (portrayed by Zoe Tay) is a hardworking and unassuming person who works tirelessly beside her husband without complaint at Yong Xiang. The second son and his wife, Junyang (portrayed by Zhang Yaodong) and Isabella (portrayed by Michelle Chia), are full of drive and ambition. Shujiao quietly helps Junyang to set up his own bak kwa business and finances the venture.

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