Entangled 日落洞

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

It is the year 1989. Jiayi and Yueqin are a pair of good friends. After marriage, they choose to live close to each other. Jiayi has two sons, Guangwei and Guangjie. Yueqin has a son, Yuhang, and a daughter, Yujie. Jiayi’s parents passed away and she was brought up by her aunt, who had kidney disease. Jiancai helped pay for her medical expenses, so Jiayi married him. As she is young and pretty, many men are attracted to her at the hairdressing salon where she works. Jiancai is a repairman who does not earn much. He has a sense of inferiority and is often worried his wife will run away. Yueqin works at a coffeeshop. Her husband, Dongfa, is a loafer who dabbles in illegal dealings with his partner, Ben. Dongfa makes use of Yuhang to peddle drugs. Guangwei throws Dacang’s bull frog away after Guangjie and Yujie are bullied in school. Dacang is demanding he pay $10. Guangwei does not dare tell his parents, and Guangjie steals $10 from Yueqin’s wallet. Full Synopsis available in 8 Days

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