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Fried Rice Paradise
  Once upon a time in the 80’s, Singapore’s most famous tunesmith, Dick Lee, created a musical that immortalized the lyrics “Fried Rice Paradise, Nasi Goreng very nice”. It was a feel-good work of art, featuring songs with irresistible catchy melodies, wrapped around a simple story of an innocent girl who just wanted to honour her mother’s memory with her famous Fried Rice with Eight Spices. It was a story that also celebrated community living, along a street known as Jalan Calamansi, where Malay and Indian neighbours opened their doors and when anyone was in trouble, it was always one for all and all for one.

Fried Rice Paradise the musical is now Fried Rice Paradise the drama series with 13 one-hour flavourful episodes packed with more feel-good dishes of heart-warming stories.

The main ingredients – the lovable characters who populate the musical – remain the same but to add more “bite”, will be fleshed out with more intriguing back-stories but will still feature songs – 19 of them in fact, with Dick Lee reworking the famous Fried Rice Paradise theme song to fit the new drama series.

Choo Bee Lean, or Bee, the lead heroine of the musical, will return in the drama series. This time, she will encounter more setbacks as she turns her humble noodle-shop into Fried Rice Paradise the restaurant. There’s a story behind every dish, and in the television series, the preparation of each dish, and the colourful story behind each one, will be woven into the plots and subplots of each episode.

Hanging over all these plots and subplots, is a mystery. How did Bee’s mother pass away? Bee had always thought her mom died from an accidental fall. But new developments in this new series makes her suspicious. Someone may have killed her mother. Who was it? Tune in to find out…