Fire Up 美味下半场
Release date / Available from:
Some Sexual References

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Zheng Meimei has completed her eight-year prison sentence. On the day of her release, her daughter, Xiangfei, is detained by a shopowner for stealing a dog. While pleading for leniency, Meimei and her mother, Delan, accidentally damage the shop’s CCTV. A policeman, who happens to be Meimei’s son, Xiangfan, is dispatched to settle the dispute. Meimei takes out all her savings to compensate the shop owner. Back at home, Meimei realises the eight years of separation has distanced her from her children. Xiangfan is cold and contemptuous towards her. Meimei’s criminal record precludes her from many jobs. Her good friend Eva recommends a nightclub job, but Meimei is quickly fired. Meimei fixes up Eva’s old motorcycle and secures a job with the courier company. While making a delivery, she encounters Zhuang Yingxiong, who offers her $10,000 to chase a sports car. Yingxiong is a wealthy bachelor and loves clubbing. He is pursuing Tina, a model, and has given her a sports car. She says he will have a chance with her if he is able to overtake her while she is driving the car. Meimei fulfils her task but Yingxiong does not have enough cash with him. He gives her an expensive watch as collateral. Xiangfei claims the watch is worth more than US$100,000. The next day, Yingxiong arrives to redeem the watch. To Meimei’s horror, the watch is nowhere to be found.

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