Gurmit's Small Talk S1
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Audio: English
Genre: Entertainment, Variety

Entertaining audiences with his comic wit and timing, Gurmit Singh - Singapore's most endearing funny man - is gearing up to work on his toughest subject yet - kids ! This 5-part series will see Gurmit bringing out the best and most natural in kids. The kids, aged three to 11 years old, are chosen from various schools. Each week, Gurmit interacts with them in various scenarios that are completely spontaneous, drawing the most open and honest reactions from his young audience. From music videos to gags, from heart-to-heart talks to chatting with a TV set, the kids get up to all sorts of mischief as soon as Gurmit turns his back. And if you think kids can't handle 'adult' issues, you couldn't be further from the truth. They get all candid with Gurmit on the show, discussing love, relationships, dating, and even Newater ! It's no child's play when Gurmit capture's the kids in their best moments - it's a show where we take very seriously...what kids have to say.

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