Hiccup And Sneeze
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Audio: English
Genre: Children and Family, Preschool (2-6)

Bibi lives in a special house in a place, set in a treetop on the edge of a forest not too far from where you live. Bibi is always happy to help whenever someone is in trouble. It was this caring attitude, which landed her with new housemates. Hiccup and Sneeze are two young forest monsters that snuck in one day out of the rain. They are a brother and sister, who liked the place so much they decided to stay. (Monsters sometimes do that and it’s not even considered rude – but that’s just monsters). Anyway, they’re all living together in Bibi’s magical house even though sometimes Hiccup and Sneeze don’t really understand that being a monster and being a human are two very different things…

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