How To Train Your Future 我的未来有未来
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Children and Family, Older Kids (7-12)

Xiao Shu's parents plan everything for him. Believing he has a bright future, Xiao Shu makes a wish to become an adult quickly. The next day, he meets Zhi Shu, a lazy relief teacher. Xiao Shu soon finds out that Zhi Shu is his future self. When Xiao Shu realizes the reason Zhi Shu becomes such an irresponsible person is the sudden death of his parents, he goes all out to prevent this tragedy from happening... 父母替小树规划一切,导致他憧憬未来,许愿能快点长大。某日,学校来了一位懒散的代课老师江直树。小树发现他竟然是未来的自己。当小树知道直树会变得如此颓废,是因为父母的离世时,他决定全力阻止这场悲剧的发生…

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