Hand In Hand 手牵手
Some Violence 些许暴力

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Hong Mei Qiang (Bryan Wong) is released from prison and is determined to find the culprit who has framed him. However, this leads to the greatest regrets of his life. Mei Qiang’s mother, Wang Shu Hua ( Lin Mei Jiao) , is on her death bed. She gathers her 3 other children and wants them to look for their father who has been missing for years. Mei Qiang is very determined to fulfil his mother’s wish.Hong Mei Fang ( Jesseca Liu ) is angry with Mei Qiang for disappointing their mother time and again. Despite this, Mei Fang hopes to see her mother leave in peace and agrees to join Mei Qiang. Hong Mei Zhi ( Aloysius Pang ) is initially unmotivated to look for their father, but he later changes his mind as he is touched by Mei Qiang’s perseverance. Hong Mei Ting ( Seraphine Sng ) faces financial crisis and hopes to get her share of inheritance as soon as possible. In order to get the money, she agrees to join in the quest to search for their father.In the process of looking for their father, the siblings faced many setbacks. However, for the sake of their mother, they shoulder on. This drama “Hand in Hand” will bring you on a journey of love and kinship.

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