Heiress 世纪情

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

A story begins in early 19th century Singapore. A group of rubber-tappers are working in the rubber plantation. Suddenly, one of the workers cries out in pain when he is bitten by a poisionous snake. The injured worker groans in agony but no one seems able to help him. From among the group of curious workers who have gathered, a young man, Ting Zhuangfei (Huang Yiliang), quickly tears up his shirt. He swiftly fashions a tourniquet and binds up the wound. Zhuangfei then quickly sucks out the poision from the wound. Peng, the plantation supervisor, not only does not show concern for the injured worker but passes sarcastic remarks about the groans he heard. Zhuangfei is annoyed and ignores him. As the worker was bitten by a rare and deadly snake and dies, the workers are unwilling to return to the dense plantation for the latex. Peng panics when he notices the workers dispersing. He tries to order them back to work. Zhuangfei advises him not to force the workers as this may make them more rebellious. Peng is angry. He tells Zhuangfei to mind his own business and to stop interfering. He also caustically reminds Zhuangfei of his lowly position as the son of the Zhao's family nanny. Zhuangfei walks away angrily. Meanwhile, the plantation owner, Zhao Ke-ru (Wu Weiqiang), returns home from a business trip. He seeks out Nanny Qing-sao (Wang Xiuyun) and asks about Du Shi (Zhu Yuye), his wife's health. Qing-sao assures him that Du Shi is well and that she is only experiencing some slight discomfort with her pregnancy. Ke-ru is pleased to learn of this. He tells Qing-sao to take good care of his wife. Just then, Ke-ru is informed by one of his servants, Geng, that something has happened in the plantation. Ke-ru is shocked to learn that a worker has died from a snake bite. He quickly rushes to the scene. Peng is having a heated argument with the workers. Ke-ru tries to mediate but the workers are unwilling to compromise. Suddenly, thick clouds of smoke drift past. Ke-ru, Peng and the workers are worried that the plantation has caught fire. However, they are relieved to learn that the smoke is used by Zhuangfei to lure the snake away. When the coast is clear and safe, the workers willingly return to work. After the incident, Ke-ru is impressed with Zhuangfei's initiative and quick thinking. Ke-ru then asks Zhuangfei to return to the homestead with him for some money for the dead worker's funeral. On their arrival, they are greeted with more bad news. Shi has gone into premature labour. Although Ke-ru and his eldest daughter Min-er (Lin Liyun), both wish to send her to a hospital, the patriach Zhao Tong, is against the idea. Faced with this dilemma, Zhuangfei decides to take matters into his own hands. He rushes into Du Shi's room and carries her to the carriage. He brings her to the hospital where she delivers a baby boy. Zhao Ke-ru and his father, Zhao Tong, are both impressed with Zhuangfei's actions and hold him in high regard. While everyone is busy an...

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