Holland V 荷兰村

Spanning more than a 100 episodes, Holland V, as the title suggests, revolves around the quaint neighbourhood of Holland Village, particularly singling out the Mo Family. ‘Big sister’ Mo Wanwan is known not only for her famous nasi lemak, but her Herculean strength and big-as-cow appetite. Mo Lingling, the Mo's 2nd sister, for in that chopsticks-thin legs lie a formidable kick, when she's provoked. Otherwise, Lingling ia all demure and kind but sadly, she is often bullied by her colleagues and even her own foul-tempered husband. Third sister Mo Yanyan is a lazybone who holds a record of sleeping continuously for 3 days and nights. Mo Jingjing is dim-witted, has a low IQ but works very hard at Wanwan's nasi lemak stall. An innocent and kind girl who often gets cheated of her money and love. As a dedicated botanist, Mo Rourou's life revolves around nothing but plants. though blessed with good looks, suitors are often put off by her highly scientific talks and unromantic soul. The only son and baby of the family, Yangyang is the other half of yet another pair of twins with Rourou. Agile and alert, Yangyang is quickly promoted in the Police Force. No matter how capable each of them are, the Mo siblings still find themselves faced with problems.

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