Home Decor Survivor S2 摆家乐 2

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Home improvement, Lifestyle, Variety

Wacky hosts and intrepid home decorators Mark Lee and Bryan Wong return in this sophomore season with more home decorating ideas and tips for all you home owners out there ! Based on the idea of ‘re-decorating your home at no cost’, the popular programme showcases the ‘process’ of creation of a new look in an existing home via a contest between 2 pre-selected families. Wacky hosts Bryan Wong and Mark Lee's quick-witted eloquence as well as innovative decor ideas will make the ‘process’ fun and entertaining. Be sure to have a pen and paper with you as they dish out home decorating tips along the way plus recommendations on places with interesting furniture and home accessories. Each episode will start off by a brief introduction of the two contesting families, who will draw lots to pick their ‘host-designer’. Following this will be the announcement of the ‘Theme of the Week’, whereby the two families will discuss about their ideal designs based on the theme. The two families will invite their designers for the ‘1st visit’ to their respective homes. Thereafter, each team will start brainstorming on the design and come out with a draft plan before proceeding to the appointed furniture place to shop for their ‘ideal furniture’. On top of that, the two families will also go to other related shops to look out for home accessories that will help to enhance and instill the required look to fit the theme. Each team will be given a fixed budget of $6000 for all purchases (at recommended retail price) and they are not allowed to spend beyond that amount. When everything (including painting, delivery of furniture and accessories and so on) is ready, the two families will start working on the actual decoration within a given time frame. Upon completion, the ‘new look’ will be judged by a panel of critics made up of three qualified individuals

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