Home Decor Survivor S3 摆家乐 3

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Home improvement, Lifestyle, Variety

Everybody’s favourite home decor show is back for yet another extended season ! Wacky celeb-designer duo Bryan Wong and Mark Lee will once again crack their heads and pit their wits for new exciting ideas to spice up your home, minus a hefty price tag ! Season 3 will retain much of its flavour from its previous seasons where Bryan Wong and Mark Lee will each lead a pre-selected family to contest for the ‘Best Designed House’ based on the weekly theme and a fixed budget of $6000. However, this time round the hosts will be upgraded to consultants and each will take in an apprentice to be trained as their respective successors. Bryan will take on quick-mouthed Lee Teng (SuperHost finalist) while Mark’s apprentice will be Tay Yong Meng (Never Say Die winner). While receiving weekly on-the-job training from their respective teachers, the two apprentices will also be their handy right-hand man for hands-on hard work, while Bryan and Mark take a back seat with a watchful eye. Like last season, the famous four ‘little angels’ (helpers) will also be around to lend a hand ! Expect to see sizzling teacher-apprentice chemistry, more exciting decorating themes and showrooms as well as tips on décor trends and home maintenance in this season.

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