Home Decor Survivor S5 摆家乐 5
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Home improvement, Lifestyle, Variety

Based on the idea of “re-decorating your home at no cost”, this programme is designed to showcase the “process” of creating a new look in your existing home via a contest between 2 pre-selected families, each led by wacky hosts, Mark Lee & Chen Hanwei, whose quick-witted eloquence will bound to make the “process” fun & entertaining. At the same time, information about home decorating tips as well as introducing places with interesting furniture & home accessories will also be introduced.The Challenge: In each episode, teams will compete based on the “Theme of the Week”. They get to select their “host-designer” then proceed to bring them to their house for a recee. Thereafter, each team will start to brainstorm on the design then come out with a draft plan before proceeding to the appointed furniture place to shop for their “ideal furniture”. The 2 families will also go to other related shops to check out home accessories that will help to enhance & instill the required look to fit the theme. Each team will be given a fixed budget of $5000 for all purchases (at market price) & they are not allowed to spend beyond that amount. Back at home, the teams give their walls a new paint, then start on decorations within a given time frame.Judging Criteria: Upon completion, the “new look” will be judged by a panel of critics made up of 3 qualified individuals (i.e. a professional interior designer, a home & décor columnist, a qualified individual with acquired taste in art) according to the following criteria:Theme 40. Transformation 30. Creativity 30. Total 100. The final results will depend solely on the panels’ decision. The winning family will get to retain the “new look” and keep all the new purchases, while the losing family will have to witness the destruction of their “efforts” and watch helplessly as the workers remove all the new items one by one from their house.

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