I Hate You, I Love You 我恨你我爱你
Some Violence and Coarse Language Sexual References

Audio: Thai
Genre: Drama, Romance

Nana, a filthy-rich teenage girl, suspects that her boyfriend, Tiger is cheating on her with her close friend, Sol. Although Sol tries to assure Nana that she and Tiger are just friends, Nana doesn't believe her. Sol is approached by Ai who tries to win over her heart and is willing to do anything for her. One day, Nana finds out an unacceptable truth about Tiger. This leads Nana to meet call boy Jo on the street... Nana是一个名媛,她经常怀疑自己的男朋友Tiger和亲密好友Sol有染,虽然Sol一再保证她和Tiger只是单纯的普通朋友关系,但Nana仍然不相信。而此时Ai对Sol展开了猛烈的追求,并愿意为她做任何事情。有一天,Nana发现了关于Tiger的某些她不能接受的真相,这也导致Nana找来男妓Jo来协助自己展开复仇之路。

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