I'm Madam!

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance, Chinese

Pepper wants to be the Number One Social Media Influencer in Singapore – but all that she’s ever got is one follower. When her boyfriend Hulk has a change of heart and falls for his fellow army officer Xin Yi, Pepper decides that her next aim is to join the army and win back his heart. Along with her team of female recruits, Pepper and friends endure grueling training routines to become a cohesive team of strong and independent women. Along the way, a new love interest grows. Medical Officer Captain Yip, also Hulk’s best friend, is always by her, and seems to have fallen for Pepper. Where does Pepper’s heart lie – who will she choose in the end? 社群影响者(social influencer)Pepper在这一行打滚了几年,视频始终只有1个人关注。男友Hulk移情别恋,爱上的是军官何欣怡,让Pepper在受打击之下,决定去当兵,为的是想将Hulk追回来。当兵的过程中,Pepper开始极速成长,找到了自己的方向和坚强。而Hulk的好友建东 (Captain Yip) 也因为一直在旁鼓励和帮助她,二人的友情也开始进一步发展。学会依靠自我的Pepper,逐渐在军队里有良好的表现,也开始完全抛开对Hulk的思念。没想到Hulk却爱上了这个焕然一新的Pepper。Pepper的目的总算达到了。可是她的心终究会归谁呢?

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