I See You 看见看不见的你
Supernatural Content 灵异题

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Two polytechnic students, Kai En and Shi Ping, partner each other on a supernatural mission: helping a Grim Reaper, No. 748, capture truant ghosts who don’t want to leave the mortal world. However, these two ‘ghost-catchers’ are a peculiar pair: Kai En is a ghost who has ‘lost’ her body. And Shi Ping is the only student in the entire school who can see her. Kai En also enlists the help of Shi Ping to reunite her wandering spirit with her body. However, solving the mystery of Kai En's disappearance will put them both in grave danger, and risk the lives of those closest to them. 两位理工学院生 -- 凯恩和世平必须互相合作,完成一项超自然的任务:协助阴间使者748 捕捉那些滞留在人间阴魂不散的鬼魂。这是一对奇妙的抓鬼组合。凯恩是弄丢了身体的灵魂,而世平则是全校唯一看得见她的人。凯恩同时也要求世平帮她找回身体,让她的灵魂和身体合一。但是,他们越靠近真相,他们的处境越危险,甚至让他们最亲近的人陷入危境。

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