Just in Singapore 一房半厅一水缸

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

‘Uncle Kopi’ and ‘Auntie Kopi’ have an old large ceramic tub passed down for generations. When their daughter leaves her young son in their care, she fears that the tub might pose a hazard and asks them to dispose of it. Unable to part with the tub, they left it in the care of Granny Ma…. Thus begins the “journey” of the old tub as it gets stolen from Granny Ma and starts making its round among different families living in the same building. In building lived Lin Bei, an over-the-hill stage singer and his family; Robert and Mary, a lazy couple who relies on government assistance to get by; Ma Zhigang, a good-for-nothing without much conscience; the miserly ‘Auntie Auto’ and ‘Thirty Thousand’; and of course ‘Uncle Kopi’ and ‘Auntie Kopi’, who are still living in their rented apartment even though their children are doing very well... Then, Uncle Kopi’s son discovered that the ceramic tub might belong to the imperial family of the Qing dynasty and can be worth up to a million dollars. The rumour quickly spreads and soon the hunt for the lost tub begins….

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