Kisah Kita

Audio: Malay
Genre: Children and Family, Older Kids (7-12)

Kisah Kita delves with various themes that affect the lives of today's children. It is hoped that the series develops aspects of emotional intelligence such as empathy and relating to other people including their peers, family and community. These stories help children understand that they are not alone in the issues that they face while suggesting ways of managing them. Each episode centralizes on one theme that is pertinent to children for instance obsession in gaming, crush, parental pressure, stealing, overweight and overconfident. A regular figure who appears in the series is Abang Iz. He is a tutor at the community centre where the central characters of each episode mingle. The community centre is the meeting point of the characters from each episode. It is almost like a comfort zone where they can enjoy time with their friends, share their problems and totally be themselves. As an adult in this mini community, Abang Iz acts as a confidante and ‘counselor’ sharing words of wisdom in byte sizes palatable for the young audience.

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