Lucky Numbers 发财八百万

Hong Wanfa (Xie Shaoguang) and Huang Jincai (Mark Lee) are childhood buddies who are business partners in Fa Cai Group, a local company dealing in manufacturing and importing furniture. One is ambitious while the other is more down-to-earth, their different business approaches and diverging views soon drive their partnership apart and Wanfa has a quiet and submissive wife in Lan Xiuying (Sharon Au) who endures countless fertility treatments in the hope of bearing him a child. With a flourishing business, Wanfa goes philandering with the big bucks he earns. His marriage breaks up as a result. Good friend Jincai has Jin Huiping as his wife, a compulsive gambler who gets herself involved with loansharks. When the recession sets in, fortune turns to dust. Fa Cai Group has to wind up and Wanfa moves back to his mother's home but her flat is repossessed after she is caught throwing litter out of her flat. He then moves in with his neighbours, the Zhu brothers. One day, Wanfa and the Zhu brothers pool their money to buy Toto and Lady Luck shines on them when they receive a windfall of 8 million dollars. Wanfa rebuilds his furniture business but he returns to his old, selfish and proud ways, which changes wife Xiuying's mind about accepting him back. Meanwhile, his friend Jincai is having hard times when his business ends up being bought over by a conglomerate. It is then that both Wanfa and Jincai realise that they need to be back as one team again.

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