Let's Talk S3 你在囧什么? 3
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Talk Show, Variety

Let's Talk is back with a third season, the platform for youths to voice their opinions and reveal their hidden emotions on topics they are concerned about ! Under the guidance of our two hosts, Lee Teng and Lin Pei Fen, the students from season 3 will inherit the characteristics of their seniors - speak up their minds fearlessly, and voice their opinions and arguments critically. You will also get to meet students from Jiong 1 and 2 ! Hot topics this season includes "Our Singapore" where celebrity guest Tay Ping Hui will join us in sharing our pride for the nation; "10 Bad Habits of Youths" which we can almost confirm that social media is guilty as charged; "How much do you know about sex" a sensitive yet rising issue amongst the youth; and "Do you not understand my Chinese ? " which we definitely have to master for a standing in today's society.Let's Talk 3 will be interweaved with interviews and voting activities conducted in schools, similar to those in previous seasons, to further explore and understand the answers and views students have in general pertaining to particular topics. Viewers will also be entertained by hosts and students with their live demonstrations and performances (we recall a 'dare' mission Lee Teng mentioned in season 2, will he fulfill it this season ? ) 《你在囧什么》要回来啦!新系列的《你在囧什么》将继续探讨更多青少年烦恼与细密的话题!同样地由李腾和林佩芬搭档主持,第一集就邀请到重量级艺人郑斌辉,一同与同学们讨论身为新加坡公民的骄傲。我们也会探索年轻人的10大恶行以及他们对感情方面的了解有多深。嘉宾包括年轻活跃的艺人朋友和辅导老师、专家等。他们会给学生们提供建议、指点迷津,也会找跟课题有关的特别个案现身说法,以过来人身份跟同学们分享经验,并且作为他们有力的借鉴。绝对是火辣!除了更多精彩的话题以外,《囧3班》的学生将承继学长学姐们的特色:大胆!勇于分享他们的经历、无惧提出控诉以及勇敢呛声。《囧1班》和《囧2班》的学长们也会参与讨论哦!节目也跟第2系列一样,会到学校采访学生并且对该集所设定的问题进行投选,以借此一窥学生们对该话题的反应和看法。

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