Limited Edition 我是限量版

Humans are made of desires, desires for food and materialistic wants can be satisfied with money, but only the desires for interpersonal relationships cannot be easily settled with money. But here at the “Human Rental”, on the conditions of not violating morals and laws, you can rent humans, who will help to satisfy your interpersonal needs. There are clients who rented products in search for admiration, kinship, friendship etc… Packaged in dark humor, our story uses the idea of “Human Rental” as an exaggeration to depict the loneliness and desires of modern people. When humans can really be priced and sold, does it mean that we can actually use money to buy interpersonal relationships, or satisfy emotional needs ? But can humans really be satisfied this way ? Or will we realize that human desires are never-ending ? Businessman Mr. Proud believes that people more or less have some bizarre emotional desires that can only be satisfied by another human, and with this thought in mind, he set up the “Human Rental” shop in an attempt to target the lonely souls in the modern society. His business became a hit in town, and clients are coming in with cash in exchange for a human who would satisfy any of their interpersonal needs. The “products” he has in store are all one of a kind. There is the flawed and cowardly Sale Product, the super ugly but confident Hot Item, the young and smart Promo Item, the handsome and premium imported good, and the boss himself, Mr. Proud, is the very precious Limited Edition Product… 人是欲望的生物,对食物有食欲、对商品有物慾,唯独对人的欲望无法轻易被满足,而“出租人中心”就是提供各式各样“出租人”的服务,在不违反善良风俗、社会伦理,出租社有各式各样的“人”等待出租中,提供的服务有出租赌神、出租影迷、出租亲情、出租探病… 故事以轻松幽默的方式呈现,透过剧中“出租人”服务,将人的欲望和需求无限放大,当“人”真的可以变为商业形式贴上标签加以买卖,是不是意味着只要付钱,人就能藉由“他人”去满足自己的欲望和情感?但是人真的那么容易被满足吗?因为当一个欲望被满足后,新的欲望又会产生… 商人高傲瞄准心灵空虚是现代的人的通病,人多多少少都会有些光怪陆离的欲望和病态,自创一家以“人”作为商品的出租店,来满足城市人病态的欲望。没想到,他自创的行业在这新城市意外崛起,只要付钱,任何东西都能出租,就连人与人之间的关系,再复杂的情感都能用金钱去换取。 他经营的旗下“商品”,各有千秋和特色,像是有瑕疵,容易受伤的促销品;丑得惊天动地,超级有自信心的畅销品;有青春有学历,积极上进不计较的赠品;高颜值,贵气十足的进口货;而老板则是多年未出江湖,拥有很多杀手锏的限量珍藏品。

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