Love At Cavenagh Bridge加文纳桥的约定

Cavanagh Bridge is the oldest suspension bridge in Singapore that still retained its original design. It was built to commemorate Singapore as the new addition of the British Empire’s straits colony in 1867. This historical bridge not only served as a connection between the two commercial districts in Singapore, but as it stands against the test of time, it also witnessed the happening of countless romance all these years; some happy endings, some not so blessed. With a photo that captured the essence of their relationship, “Love at Cavenagh Bridge” tells the stories of ten couples, each unforgettable and soul-stirring in their own ways. 通过十张关于十对男女在桥上的照片,《加文纳桥的约定》叙述十段刻骨铭心、惊心动魄和若即若离的恋情的动人故事。加文纳桥是新加坡历史最悠久的,至今仍保留建筑之初原貌的唯一一座索桥,是为了纪念新加坡在1867年成为英国海外的海峡新殖民地而修建的。这座古老的索桥,除了链接了新加坡金融区两岸的经济脉络,更见证了这些年来,无数段爱情的开花结果。

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