Love Is All Around 爱在你左右

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Romance

The story begins when Zhuang Yingjun and his girlfriend Kaiqi, join a tour group led by tour guide, Fu Xiaoyue. Zhuang Yingjun is a sentimental and romantic young man, who has been dating his girlfriend for 7 years. Fu Xiaoyue is a young lady who is idealistic in love, and has a boyfriend she has been seeing for more than a year. She had wanted to take the chance to give her boyfriend a surprise during this tour assignment, because he is also traveling for work. Thus, Xiaoyue hides herself in her boyfriend’s hotel room, planning to give him a pleasant surprise. However, to her shock, he walks into the room with his arm around his new girlfriend. Xiaoyue is caught by surprise and does not know what to do. Her first instinct is to flee the scene without being discovered. The only way for her to get away is to climb out of the balcony like a fugitive. Just as she is about to escape, she is discovered by Zhuang Yingjun in the adjoining hotel room ! Alerted by the commotion, Xiaoyue’s boyfriend walks out onto the balcony and sees her caught in an awkward position between two balconies with her face flushed with embarrassment. Soon after the incident, he takes the opportunity to suggest that they break up. Cast : Andrew Yap, Apple Hong, William San, Zhuang Jia Wei, Eunice Ng, Yang Kai Qi, Zhu Mi Mi, (Lin Feng Jiao), Huang Qi Min (Zhuang Jia Wei), Apple Hong (Fu Xiao Yue), Xin Wei Lian (Fu Xin Han).

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