Love? 限量爱情
Some Sexual References 些许性相关语

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Romance

Bryan and Belinda meet during a matchmaking session and have a good impression of each other. However, chances of them becoming a couple are destroyed when he ruins her chances of buying an apartment. Bryan helps Belinda out when she stains her outfit. This gives them a chance to start dating. However, they break up due to character differences. A turn of events gives Bryan and Belinda a chance to reconcile and get married. Within two years, they have two children. Even though their lifestyles and characters still clash, they have learned to be more tolerant and accommodating. Full Synopsis available in 8 Days Bryan与Belinda同是天涯沦落人,并非其貌不扬,但变成剩男剩女。两人参加相亲,发现彼此的目标一致而一拍即合。两人抱着以结婚为前提交往,打算在一年内结婚,积极参加婚前预备班,筹办婚礼,没有感情基础的婚姻,可行吗?

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