Making of All is Well 你那边怎样 我这边OK制作特辑
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

How do you watch a drama series with two parallel plots? Let Zoe Tay, Chen Hanwei, Desmond Tan, Blue Lan, Joanne Tseng, Elvin Ng, Romeo Tan and many more of the cast from Singapore and Taiwan tell you more about this exciting drama that is based on the true story of Taiwan's infamous ATM-hacking crimes in 2016. 什么是双线戏剧?该怎么看?让郑惠玉、陈汉玮、范文芳、陈泂江、蓝正龙、曾之乔、曾沛慈、黄俊雄、陈罗密欧,还有剧中其他新加坡和台湾两地的众多演员告诉你,《你那边怎样.我这边OK》这部新加坡和台湾两地合作的创新概念双线戏剧有多精彩!

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