Meat And Greed 无肉不欢

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Food, Variety

Meat and Greed goes the whole hog in this food series that unabashedly and unashamedly celebrates - Meat ! Juicy, succulent, and full of that umami factor, meat in all forms takes top billing here - a burger oozing with beef juices, roast pork `siew yoke' flaunting a rind that goes snap-crackle-pop, grilled chicken both crispy and succulent, a stew savoury with the essence of lamb, braised duck glistening with a layer of crisp wafer-thin skin. Carnivores will get their fill of meat dishes as Meat and Greed trawls the island for places that serve up delectable yet affordable offerings. Foodies introduce us to their favourite hawker stalls and cafes, and customers tell us why they keep coming back for a dish. Taste the love with six episodes of mouthwatering meals with Meat and Greed and we promise you'll be hungry for more !

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