Meet the MP S2
Release date / Available from:

Audio: English
Genre: Comedy, Sitcom

Meet the MP Season 2 brings us once again back to Tanjong Bukit Manis, where MP Danial Razali, with his team consisting of his sharp, detail-oriented assistant, Melissa and the carefree resident grassroots leader Siva, continues to render his services as the constituency’s MP. There are also new additions to the team including the vivacious Crystal Sia, “Makcik” Farah Rusdi and the entrepreneurial Hero Hwang. Each week Danial meets the colorful residents of Tanjong Bukit Manis and tries to solve their unique and interesting problems. He believes he is better prepared and equipped with the knowledge from the previous year to take on the new challenges, but is that enough to tackle the daily misadventures of Tanjong Bukit Manis ? Inspired by relatable issues and local happenings in Singapore, Meet the MP aims to take these everyday issues and spin it to show a lighter side of things, while offering the viewers a fresh perspective. Ultimately the series hopes to take our viewers’ minds off their daily stress and bring them joy and laughter.

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