Meet The MP
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Audio: English
Genre: Comedy, Sitcom

Danial Razali is the young, newly elected MP of Tanjong Bukit Manis SMC. New to the job and its responsibilities, he is hopeful and idealistic. However, he soon finds out that being an MP is hardly a walk in the park. Thankfully, he is not alone, and is aided by a motley crew comprising of the marketing genius and social media savvy Melissa, and the resourceful veteran grassroots leader, Siva, who will give council to Danial as they had done with Danial’s predecessor. On top of his commitments as an MP, Danial must also balance his work and family life as a dutiful husband to his wife Yati and father to Ashraf who is going through the treacherous period of teenage-hood. This soon proves to be quite a feat ! Throughout the series, Danial will resolve tricky neighbour conflicts, estate problems of both the banal and the bizarre, and healthy dose of public relation nightmares — all part of a day’s work for an MP that serves with love !

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