Mystic Whispers 听

Mo Xiaoyun lost her sense of hearing in her left ear after an accident one year ago and started hearing strange sounds. She has a hunch that she is hearing strange sounds from another world, but chooses to feign ignorance, hoping that she will be fine if she ignores it. However, on her first day at work in a new company, she sees a ghost. The ghost is her colleague, Ken. Xiaoyun’s colleagues hire exorcist cum mortician, Zhang Ji’en, to help exorcise the ghost. Ji’en fails and the ghost pesters Xiaoyun. (With English subtitles) 莫晓芸自从一年前的车祸后,左耳失去了正常的听觉,却开始听见奇怪的声音。晓芸隐约知道那些奇怪的声音来自另一个世界,却选择假装不知道;认为只要听到,没见到,就没事。可是,当晓芸要到新公司上班的这一天,却见到了'鬼'!而这只鬼还是公司同事—Ken。同事找来驱鬼大师兼死人化妆师---张吉恩来驱鬼!但是,吉恩没有成功驱鬼。这只鬼还缠上了晓芸… (附英文字幕)

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