Nakee 三面娜迦

Audio: Thai
Genre: Drama, Romance

Kumkaew, a beautiful girl, is born with supernatural powers. Thosapol, an Archaeology student, was enchanted by the Nakee goddess in a cave. He leaves everything for love and wants to be with her. However, they must face obstacles from family, love, and superstitious villagers. The mystery of their past life is about to reveal. After a thousand years, it is time to get her lover back and take revenge on her enemies. Kumkaew是个天生拥有超能力的漂亮女孩。Thosapol则是一个考古系的学生,一次意外,他被山洞里的Nakee女神像迷住了。为了爱情,他愿意抛弃一切,跟她永远在一起。然而,他们去必须面对来自家庭、爱情及迷信村民的阻拦。他们的前世即将被揭开。一千年过去了,现在是夺回她的恋人及向仇人报复的时候了。

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