New Beginnings 红白囍事

Li Zihao’s mother, Yan Ruyi, is a matchmaker. Growing up, Zihao tagged along to all the weddings his mother was involved in. He became familiar with all the rites and rituals and has always felt weddings are wonderful occasions. He now runs a one - stop wedding shop that provides all kinds of services to couples who are planning to tie the knot. Zihao’s cousin, Ben, asks Zihao for help, as his girlfriend, Irene, is pregnant. Zihao and Ruyi mediate when Ben’s parents and Irene’s parents cannot agree on the wedding arrangements. Ben asks Zihao to organize everything and stage the banquet in the void deck, as all the restaurants and hotels are fully booked. Zihao accompanies Ben to a bridal studio and gets acquainted with Tang Wenxi, a bridal gown designer. He gives Wenxi a lift home and gets involved in a minor accident with Cai Shicai’s motorbike.

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