Paint A Rainbow 调色板

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

A lady taxi-driver, Guo Xie (Zeng Shipei), is driving when she suddenly remembers that her only son, Lu Heng(Huang Yiliang), is still sleeping at home. Guo Xiu immediately radios the operator on duty and asks the latter to call her home to wake up her son. The radio operator teases Guo Xiu for being a 'filial' mother. When Lu Heng receives the call, it is already 11am. He realises that he does not have much time to take part in the sepak takraw game. He quickly gets dressed and leaves the house hurriedly. He arrives at the bus-stop and becomes worried when he does not see any bus arriving. Fortunately, his mother's colleague, Qun(Gu Rongfang), happens to drive past and offers him a lift. Lu Heng insists on paying the taxi fare. Howeverm when he arrives at his destination, he realises that he had forgotten to bring his wallet with him. He has no choice but to borrow money from Qun. Meanwhile, Lu Heng's close friend and classmate, Wu Qifan(Li Nanxing), is anxiously waiting for him. Qifan chides him for being late. Lu Heng apologises and offers to play well to make up for it. However Qifan suggests that Lu Heng pays for his lunch. Lu Heng reluctantly agrees. After the game, Lu Heng and Qifan walk along a corridor and sees a model, Li Bixi(Huang Yuling), doing a commercial. Because of some foul-up during the shooting, Qifan cannot help but burst into laughter. As a result, Bixi has a very bad impression of him. On the other hand, Qifan finds her charming. Lu Heng teases him for falling in love at first sight but Qifan denies it. They run into Cai Ming(Dai Peng), Lu Heng's friend. Lu heng introduces him to Qifan. Lu Heng mentions that Cai Ming is working as a film technician. Cai Ming asks them to go to the cinema where he is working to watch a movie that night. Lu Heng happily accepts the invitation. Lu Heng and Qifan proceed to a hawker centre for lunch. Talking about their future plans, Qifan revels that he may further his studies abroad after graduating from the Academy of Arts. Lu Heng, on the other hand, has no such plans as his mother is already working very hard as a taxi driver to support him. He does not want to increase his his mother's financial burden. He remarks that Qifan, on the other hand, need not worry about money as his father owns a Chinese medicine shop. Qifan goes to the shop after parting with Lu Heng. As his parents are busy dealing with the customers, he offers to help them. While his father, Runyuan(Yang Junhe), is busy at the shop, Qifan tells his mother(Cheng Meng) about his plans of going abroad and asks her to talk to Runyuan. Mrs Wu is reluctant since he had previously lost his temper when Qifan wanted to study in the Academy of Arts. Qifan pleads with his mother to help him again but she does not want to. Later, Mr Wu goes upstairs and hands him a letter from an overseas school. Knowing what his son intends to do, he is displeased and tells Qifan to consult him before making any decision. On learning that he has be...

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