Pasal Duit
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Audio: Malay
Genre: Drama

Pasal Duit is a light-hearted drama series about financial literacy and management with serious educational intent and content. Ahmad Osman (Khairudin Samsudin) is an undischarged bankrupt who used to be a businessman living an expensive lifestyle. After an unfortunate turn of events that caused him to be bankrupt and divorced, Ahmad decides to pick himself up and work towards two goals. One, to be discharged from bankruptcy and hopefully regains the respect and love of his family – ex-wife, Hariati (Siti Hajar) and his two children. Two, to try and spread awareness & information about money so that other people will not make the same mistakes he did. With the help of his daughter, he shares financial tips and knowledge on his YouTube channel and calls himself Ahmad Cermat. Through a coincidence, he meets a Producer and Director from the local TV Station, Maria (Haryani Othman), who offers him his own talk show, PASAL DUIT. In the TV talk show, Ahmad deals with financial issues and problems that are very relevant and relatable to the Malay Community. Pasal Duit features a “show within a show” format. In his TV show in the drama, Ahmad Cermat educates his audience about different aspects of financial management and shows how families (his studio guests) can resolve their money problems.

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