Pay Day

Welcome to Inventionopolis Pte Ltd - where only two things matter: sales and paperwork.Inventionopolis is in the business of selling chindogu - seemingly useful life-style-enhancing gadgets that sometimes cause more problems than they solve. The company is staffed by an identifiable, iconic, multi-cultural team of characters that can usually be found in any Singaporean workplace these days - heartlanders, cosmopolitans, new immigrants, old-timers, etc. all reflecting the changing social make-up of our sunny island set in the sea. Payday is a satirical, stress-relieving, look-at-the-lighter-side-of-life comedy about the trials and tribulations of the modern day workplace, encouraging us Singaporeans to laugh affectionately at ourselves and our foibles. Character: Razak Sulaiman (played by Mokther Hashim) Managing Director of Inventionopolis Big Boss - Razak is the MD of Inventionopolis, the head honcho, the big boss of Inventionopolis. A sweet, well-intentioned old-timer who loves big corporate buzzwords, he's sometimes a bit too laidback and clueless for his own good. Nevertheless, he's been with the company for a good many years, and no-one knows Inventionopolis the way Razak does.

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