Play House 室内新玩家
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Home Improvement, Variety

Channel 8 presents a brand new home-deco themed programme "Play House". With a total of 12 designers from different backgrounds, they will begin to battle out to be the grand prize winner! Each episode, two designers will compete based on a specified room and theme given. A series of 20 different styles will be showcased in the 10 episodes, premiering on Channel 8 from 23 Oct 2017, Every Monday, 8 - 9PM.有别于以往均由艺人或公众来担任设计和装修工作的家居装修节目,《室内新玩家》聚集了12位来自四面八方的室内设计师,来进行一场专业的设计大比拼!每一集,两位设计师将根据所分配到的房间和主题,进行设计和装修。每一集的赢家将能晋升下一回合,最终将有2位设计师能脱颖而出,在大决赛中一较高低,争夺1万元的奖金!一场史无前例的室内设计比赛,展现20个不同设计风格的空间,室内设计原来可以这样玩!

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