Raya Istimewa

Audio: Malay
Genre: Documentary, Info-Ed, Home Improvement, Lifestyle

‘RAYA ISTIMEWA’ is a home makeover series where we help special individuals and their families prepare their homes for Hari Raya. Hosted by Marina Yusoff, Raya Istimewa will select some very special individuals who are not only disabled but also come from underprivileged backgrounds who are unable to physically and financially make any preparations for Hari Raya. In this programme, Marina will take these individuals with special needs out on the pretext to shop for Hari Raya. While out shopping, Marina will also get to know them better and get a sneak peek of their lives and how they prepare for Hari Raya. But while they are out shopping, the team at Raya Istimewa, together with a group of community volunteers, will set out to spring clean, refurbish and decorate their living rooms for Hari Raya. This makeover will be revealed to the individual upon their return home. We hope Raya Istimewa will not only give audiences an insight into the lives of these special individuals and their conditions but it will also be a heart-warming, positive and uplifting programme that shows how the community can help do their part to make Hari Raya special for these special individuals and their families.

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