Small And Beautiful

Audio: English
Genre: Documentary, Info-Ed, Travel, Variety

Catch Auntie Lucy as she hosts her first show on Channel 5 ! Follow her around Singapore to discover small & beautiful eateries and shopping haunts that you never knew existed. Accompanied by her many 'overseas guests' from Korea, Thailand, China and USA (all played by Judee Tan from The Noose), this series promises to be full of fun, adventure and filled with 'Auntie Lucy humour'. Not to be missed ! Each episode will feature 3 different shops - food places, shopping corners and even boutique hotels, all hidden in the most unexpected corners of Singapore ! What's more Auntie Lucy and Judee Tan will bring you behind the scenes to find out more about the story behind each shop and what inspired the owners to start their business venture.Definitely a Must See, Must Hear and Must Laugh show on Must See Tuesday !

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