Sayang Sayang S1
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Audio: English
Genre: Comedy

Nellie Tan (Tan Kheng Hua), a wealthy spoilt rich lady from Hong Kong is head of Singapore’s most famous Nyonya dumpling family. She’s married to Larry Tan (John Lee), an obedient man of quiet sensibilities whose mother named Nellie the successor of the family business. Danger loomed as the will of the late family patriarch specifies that the successor to the dumpling business must have an heir when he or she turns 30. Nellie’s son, Marcus (Johnny Lu), is turning 30 in 12 months’ time with no prospective wife in sight, not to mention an heir. And Nellie’s evil stepmother-in-law has been plotting to have her own grand-daughter take over the business. Rescue comes in the form of Beh Li Choo (Michelle Chong), a loud-mouth and impulsive tomboy daughter of a butcher. A desperate Nellie takes it. She overbearingly plans a makeover for her highly unsuitable daughter-in-law. But Nellie soon realizes that Li Choo is no pushover and the stage is set for a battle between the two women…

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