Sealed With A Kiss 吻我吧,住家男
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Romance

Real estate agent Du Junning is a high achiever with her firm. She is jubilant when her rival, Mai Dechu, loses out to her yet again. Zhu Jianan, a man who is a jinx to the people around him, saves Junning from a motorcycle attack and falls in love with her.Dechu is unhappy when Junning receives an award for chalking up the best sales record. Junning lies all the time to pander to her clients and colleagues. Tired of doing so, she gives vent to her frustrations at home. She has no choice but to use a fake identity online, to avoid getting sued, and even has to lie to her father Du Zitong.Zitong is a lazy and slipshod person. Junning lies to help preserve her father’s image.Junning moves to Jianan’s neighbourhood. Jianan feels bad when his bad luck rubs off on her. He is glad his only pal, Zheng Danle, seems unaffected by his presence.Danle senses that Jianan has fallen for someone. Jianan’s parents died when he was 10, and he was raised by Xinshan. Jianan is grateful, as all his other relatives shun him. He often walks to the nursing home to visit Xinshan.Dechu is unhappy when Junning poaches his clients. Their superior, Herman, hands an en bloc project to the two of them; the target is the row of terrace houses where Jianan lives.Danle finds out that Jianan’s crush is a real estate agent when Junning turns up for a visit.Junning’s doctor boyfriend, Zhou Yaowen, is a cleanliness freak. She does not tell him the truth about his obsession, for fear of hurting him.Jianan saves Junning from a falling flowerpot, but runs off immediately.

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