Shoot It S1! 哪里出问题? 1

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Documentary, Info-Ed, Variety

‘Shoot It ! ‘ is a one hour infotainment game show. The programme will introduce little known places or national monuments of Singapore to encourage Singaporeans to explore the different corners of Singapore to discover and understand our heritage and culture.In each episode, 2 teams will separately discover a maximum of 2-3 locations with unique significant value or interesting background. They will discover the stories and heritage behind the locations and set questions for the rival team to answer. The programme is designed to encourage an appreciation of local cultures and heritages by deliver information in an entertaining infotainment cum game show format. The programme aims to generate a high level of excitement and engaged viewers to explore more on our rich heritages and cultural background.Leading one team member each, the program's hosts, Ling Yi and Lee Teng, compete against each other by searching around Singapore and consulting professionals, for interesting ‘problems’ for their rival team to solve. When the teams meet, our game master, Quan Yi Fong, will then take control as the teams crack their brain into solving puzzles set by each team. Through the ‘transcendence’ games designed for the teams, the program hopes home viewers and contestants will understand and learn to appreciate those local history / infrastructures that have been playing a big part in our life.

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