So Fake
Mature Themes

Audio: English
Genre: Documentary, Info-Ed

Real or fake ? What's the big deal anyway, some may say. Though one might like getting a deal on a counterfeit Gucci handbag, the 'global epidemic' of bogus products takes a sizable bite out of the economy.This 6-episode series anchored by Audrey Lim is about selling and producing fake goods. Counterfeit goods generate hundreds of billions of dollars in sales each year, making up about 7 percent of all global trade. Counterfeiting used to be a luxury goods and currency problem, but it has since expanded its reach from luxury items like luggage, shoes and jewellery to medicines, electronic and computer components, software, daily necessities, and more recently even food. Filmed in an investigative style, the camera goes undercover to China, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore to uncover the dark side of the mega-billion dollar industry. Interviews are conducted with experts in the field from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the International Chambers of Commerce (in Paris), ex-dealers, lawyers, private investigators and companies who are affected by counterfeit trade - to find out more. If there's one thing to know, it's this: "If it's cheap, 99.99% of the time, it's going to be fake."

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