Stickers Together
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Audio: English
Genre: Children and Family, Infotainment, Older Kids (7-12)

In a world where stickers are alive, Stick, a playful wolf, Paste, a curious fox, and Digi, a forgetful tablet, embark on a quest you'll never forget ! Join them as they hunt an album of magical stickers that cause mayhem when their 'knowledge' vanishes from the world. What would happen if engines disappear ? What goes on in the microscopic world of Chlorophyll ? And what happens when Earth loses its gravity and everything floats into the sky ? (Yikes ! ) Exploring fun, wacky and science-based concepts along the way, Stick, Paste and Digi will have to work together to save Sticker World. It's time to Stick Together and get ready for an adventure !

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