Sword And Honour 铁血男儿

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Historical

The bold and daring martial arts, precise and excellent swordsplay, and exciting plot makes this period drama a cut above the rest. There is no lack of beautiful backdrops as the entire filming is done in China. Set against the Ming Dynasty, the story centres around the adventures of two young swordsmen. One is the illegitimate son of the emperor and the other, an assassin. They become embroil in the struggle for power, where revenge, deceit and betrayal are the sole means of survival. But they emerged the victors, with sword in their hands, honour in their hearts, and love by their side. 这部全剧在中国上海,无锡实地拍摄的武侠剧,是新传媒与上海永乐电影电视(集团)公司联合摄制的。剧中不乏精彩的打斗和迷人的景色,故事更是变幻莫测,环环相扣。新传媒艺人翁清海武术精湛,在剧中亲自上阵大展身手,饱福观众的视觉享受。内容主要是描述明太祖期间,远放北京的皇四子朱棣借 ‘清君侧’ 之名进军南京, 皇太孙朱允炆无能战败, 金啸天与公孙飞云协助皇太孙逃亡。朱棣的儿子天赐在混乱中流落民间, 结识了公孙飞云, 葛巧巧和公孙燕等人, 并与他们结下不解之缘。

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