Table of Glory 乒乓圆

Since young, Ah Woo has had a passion for table tennis. His mother was a national player and she personally coached him and honed his skills as a table tennis player. However, ever since his mother’s untimely death in an accident, Ah Woo became quiet and sullen and withdrew into his own shell. His performance in his studies and at work were affected and he was branded a ‘loser’. Ah Woo helps out at his father, He Yingxiong’s laundry shop. His only comfort is in paddling a table tennis ball against a wall. He Yingxiong is furious that his son is seemingly useless and wasting his life away paddling a table tennis ball against an empty wall on most days. He refuses to let Ah Woo play table tennis. However, Ah Woo resists all attempts to stop him from playing table tennis and continues to do so. Even though Ah Woo does not have any actual experience playing against a real opponent, and in fact could not even beat a young child at a game of table tennis, he possesses an innate talent for reading his opponent’s moves and strategy in the game. This enables him to be the dark horse in some matches, coming back from the brink of defeat to win the game. Ah Woo is a loner and his only friend is Mai Xiaofen whom he grew up with. Xiaofen is one of the top female table tennis players and her mother, ex-national player Mai Tiantian, is her coach who pushes her hard to train herself to become a top player in the sport. However, Xiaofen lacks confidence in herself. Since she started to play competitively, her personal best has always remained at fourth placing. This led to Xiaofen being nicknamed ‘Fourth Sister’. Mai Tiantian and He Yingxiong are feuding neighbours and bicker constantly whenever they run into each other. Despite this, Ah Woo and Xiaofen get along fabulously. Ah Woo is secretly in love with Xiaofen but being inarticulate, finds it difficult to express his feelings for her. To make things worse, Xiaofen admires a new player in her table tennis team, the good-looking He Jiajun. Xiaofen admires Jiajun’s skills as a table tennis player and is also infatuated with him thus making her oblivious to Ah Woo’s quiet love and concern for her. Li Ziyi is Xiaofen’s teammate. Ziyi is trendy and cool. She is also an exceptionally skilled table tennis player and is billed to be the next big thing in table tennis. Jiajun is impressed and taken with Ziyi but she is indifferent to him. On the other hand, Ziyi prefers Ah Woo as she finds him sincere and looks for opportunities to spend time with Ah Woo and get to know him better. With Ziyi’s encouragement and support. Ah Woo starts to have dreams of becoming a table tennis player on the team. However, everyone ridicules him when he shared his dream and even Xiaofen tells him not to waste his time daydreaming.

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