The Awakening S1 雾锁南洋 1

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

In 1920, Singapore was still a British colony. There were increasing numbers of immigrants, especially the Chinese. He Ah Shui, He Fa, He Tian Sheng, and He Bing came from China and worked in a rubber plantation in Sembawang. These rubber tappers led a hard life and did not earn much. He Fa was the earliest to arrive on the island and had saved up sufficiently to ask his country folks to look for a wife for him. One day, Fa met with an accident and died. Just before his death, he asked Ah Shui to take care of his fiancée, Ah Mei, who was coming to Singapore. 1920年,新加坡仍是英国殖民地,当时发展潜能优厚,吸引了不少外来移民,尤其是中国的过番客南来。何阿水,与同乡阿发、田生、阿炳南来后在三巴旺的一个树胶园工作。树胶园工作辛苦,收入也不多。阿发是最早抵达新加坡的,因此能储蓄足够的钱托同乡帮他找个妻子。一天,阿发被洋人的马车撞倒,不幸死去。临死前,他拜托阿水照顾他那即将南来的未婚妻,阿梅。

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