The Champion 任我遨游

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Sports

Idol swimming drama starring the hottest young stars from Singapore and Taiwan ! The series mainly dealt with the trials and travails of a Singaporean swimming team, the Flying Fish (飞鱼队, which could be a reference to a classic Singaporean drama that also deals with swimming, Flying Fish), and its constituent members. The team is locked in a vicious competition with the Seagulls swimming team (海鸥队), whose superior swimming abilities bred an intense arrogance that shows everywhere within the swimming complex they practice in. After the Flying Fish lost a bet with the Seagulls, which resulted in the Flying Fish team running down Orchard Road wearing only bikinis, the team's manager hired a new swimming coach to rescue the team from the brink of dissolution. The coach, Ivan Jackson (also known as Wu Zhenkang), was very strict about the rigorous training, and this drew massive opposition at first, and earned him the title of ‘Polar Bear’ (cold, uncaring, and ‘foreign’). However, the team's performance eventually improved, thanks to the training. The main subplot revolved around Guo Jingwen.

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